"I completed the fundamentals sessions during my first week at GVCF, and I found them to be invaluable.
They gave me a good insight into what to expect from CrossFit generally, as well as GVCF specifically.
There was a great emphasis on technique, safety and scaling of both load and range of movement & it highlighted to me the areas where I would need to concentrate if I was going to progress in CrossFit.
I have been weight training at commercial gyms for over 20 years, and can honestly say that I have never had better instruction, supervision and feedback than what I received from Fabian during my fundamentals sessions. Whilst these were introduction sessions, they were still very challenging and well worth the effort"....DW
 "When my daughters mentioned Goulburn Valley CrossFit were wanting some member testimonials for the website I thought I'd offer the following words from a non-CrossFitting local...
As a mother of 3 adult women who have had constant battles with diet, fitness and weight I was sceptical when 3 years ago my youngest began training CrossFit and was educated on clean eating and paleo regimes.
I was concerned about the high intensity workouts and strict eating guidelines, questioning how Crossfit would play out for her general health and fitness. I needed to be educated on the levels of scaling options to suit all abilities and lifestyles to realise it really is for everyone and anyone.
All 3 of my daughters and their respective partners partake in regular CrossFit training now and have never been healthier, they maintain healthy body weight and muscle tone, eat well, and have found great balance with their work, play and training schedules. The overall sense of community and camaraderie between not only the group they train with in Shepparton, but all over Victoria and beyond is comforting and pleasureable to witness.
I can't say a bad word about what the team at GV CrossFit have done to improve the health and well being in our entire family"....JD

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