Wed 06.02.2019

A. Deadlift & Strict Press 5x3@70% as a superset every 3 min

B. For Time: (15min cap)

10 Toes to Bar

10 Double DB Snatch 2x20kg(2x15kg)

9 Knees to Elbow

9 Double DB Clean 2x20kg(2x15kg)

8Toes to Bar

8 DB Squat 2x20kg(2x15kg)

7Knees to Elbow

7 DB Jerk 2x20kg(2x15kg) 6Toes to Bar

6 Devil Press 2x20kg(2x15kg)

5Knees to Elbow

5 Double DB Snatch 2x20kg(2x15kg)

4Toes to Bar

4 Double DB Clean 2x20kg(2x15kg)

3Knees to Elbow

3 DB Squat 2x20kg(2x15kg)

2Toes to Bar

2 DB Jerk 2x20kg(2x15kg)

1Knees to Elbow

1 Devil Press 2x20kg(2x15kg)

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