Wed 31.10.2018

A. Back Squat

6x2 @80%

B. 21-15-9 reps for time of: (18min cap)

Muscle Ups

Power Clean 85kg(55kg)

5PM Halloween WOD

"Zombies Vs Defenders"

Partner WOD for Time (40min cap)

Zombies: “Walk Like The Dead”

30 wall walks

Defender: 30m Army Crawl

Zombies: “Grave Bursters”

60 Burpees

Defenders: “Haul off the Dead”

200m Partner carry

Zombies: “Brain Toss”

60 Wallballs over bar 10kg/9kg(6kg) throw over bar to partner if ball hits ground run 200m(to collect a new brain lol)

Defenders: “Jump High or Die”

100 Boxjumps 24”(20”)

Zombies: “Blood on the Bar”

60 Pullups(please don't actually bleed on the bar lol)

Defenders: “Baton the Hatches”

30 Tire Flips

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