Wednesday 19.09.18

a. Complete as much work as possible in 15 minutes:

Sandbag carry/run 200m

Sandbag Lunge 12m

Sandbag -over-bar, 10 reps

-Guys rx use a 25kg sandbag. Girls rx use a 20kg sandbag. For the run and lunges the sandbag must be carried at the chest with arms underneath it (like a baby :)

To scale, go lighter using a med ball. Substitute any problem movements with something simple like a squat, deadlift, sit-up or kettlebell swing.

b. Sled push 60m (30m out, 30m back)

Guys rx use 120kg. Girls rx use 90kg

-Compare this to 30.08.18

-If busy, the group will be split. Some will do part b. first off, then part a.

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