Tuesday 18.09.18

Monday, September 17, 2018


General warm up then

Front Squat, 5-3-2 reps then

a.  Front Squat, 1rm

-10 minute strict time cap


To scale, work sets of 3-5 front squat, prioritise technique and position


b.  For time:

30 burpee muscle-ups

-10 minute strict time cap


Scale #1

For time:

30 assisted (jump-to-reps) muscle-ups or muscle-up transitions (ring row then step-to-reps)

-Complete 10 burpees after every 10 muscle-ups


Scale #2

For time:

30 ring rows (chest-to-rings for reps to count)

30 bench or box dips

30 burpees


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