Friday 14.09.18

General warm up then warm up to a moderate/heavy muscle clean, then

a. EMOM 12 minutes:

Muscle Clean, 1 rep

-You may increase (or decrease) the weight at any time throughout

b. Tabata Bottom-to-bottom Goblet Squat (24/16)

-Take a kettlebell in the goblet squat / rack position. Start in the bottom of your squat. The bottom-to-bottom reps are counted when you hit depth (not when you stand to extension)

Your 10 second rest will be done "active" in the bottom of your squat.

-The score for this workout is max total reps.

-Once you fail Ie. Place the kettlebell to ground, away from rack position or stand out of your "rest" or depth position at an incorrect time, your workout is OVER.

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