Wednesday 08.08.18

a. 21-15-9-15-2 reps for time:


kb swing (32/24)

-15 minute strict time cap

To scale, the k2e's can become a "ball-up" (knee raise off the kipping swing, basically an attempted knees-to-elbows) Reduce the range of motion of the kb swing Ie. Russian swing and/or reduce the weight if needed but try heavy...

b. For time:

30 deadlifts (120/85)

-Be smart, stay tight. Straight knees and hips to finish each rep or they don't count..

Reduce the weight to scale TRY TO PICK ONE OF THE FOLLOWING:

(100/70) or (80/50) or (60/30) ??


a. 21-15-9 reps for time:

knees-to-elbows or hanging knee raise

kb swing (to suit but make it challenging)

-Advanced kids can work back up if needed (15-21)

b. Deadlift

5 (warm up set) then 5-5-5

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