Monday 11.06.18

For time:

Partner Wod :

CrossFit Games 2018 Reginols Event 6:

50 Handstand pushups

50 Toes to Bar

50 Calorie row

50 db box step overs (22.5&24"/15&20")

30m overhead walking lunges (22.5/15)

- This workout will have a 25 minute time cap

Partition the reps as required until the total of 50 reps have been completed. Only one athlete can work at a time.


For time:

1k or 600m row

50 floor press (load to suit)

25 db power cleans (load to suit)


*The amount of burpees you do to finish will be determined by the amount of breaks you have in the floor presses. Each break = 10 burpees

- This workout will have a 20 minute time cap

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