Saturday 09.06.18


Complete the following for time:

6000m row

600 double unders

6k run

-If you intend to go rx, you will likely start early, say 7.30-8am, also...

MOBILISE THOROUGHLY. Start Friday/Friday night and keep going over the rest of the weekend. Allow sufficient time (Yes this session will probably run overtime!)

BREKKY/BARBIE to follow??

Scale #1

"Triple 3"

3000m row

300 double unders

3k run

Scale #2

"Half Triple"

1500m row

150 double unders

1.5k run

Scale #3

To suit

Eg. Row 1000m

100 singles

Run some/walk some 1k

-This session should be done IN ORDER. Therefore you will be likely starting (your row) at various times.

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