Thursday 07.06.18

a. Death by...

Knees to elbows

-From, 0.00-1.00 minute complete 1 rep

From 1.00-2.00 complete 2 reps

From 2.00-3.00 complete 3 reps

...etc til fail

-Score your total reps

-Scale this to best knees-to-elbows attempts or a strict hanging knee raise

b. 12 minute AMRAP:

1 legless rope climb

10 box jumps (30/24)

20 db jumping lunges (8/4's)

-The legless rope climb can be scaled to:

Legless (10ft)

(Normal) rope climb, 15ft or 10ft

Ground-to-stand rope climb

-Scale back the box height

-Scale back the jumping lunges to bodyweight and reduce the range of motion if needed

(so not to ground)

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