Friday 01.06.18

a. "Beep Test"

20m beep test is rx. You can scale this to a 15 or 10m if needed.

b. "Dumbbell Grace"

30 reps for time:

Clean & Jerk (22.5/15's)

-Work in pairs or 3's, counting/timing each other. A STRICT 5 MINUTE CUT-OFF APPLIES FOR THIS WORKOUT. Don't drop the dumbbells, and achieve a clear lock-out overhead for the reps to count.

-ANY ground-to-shoulder then shoulder-to-overhead movement is allowed. If a split jerk is performed you must bring the feet together before bringing the dumbbells back down.

RHABDO RISK.. Hydrate and give your arms some TLC after this one.

Start the Beep Test as early as possible.

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