Monday 28.05.18

a. 4 rounds for max total reps:

Weighted Pull-up (16/5)

Weighted Dip (16/5)

-Superset both movements, max out your pull-up then max out your dips then rest as required between rounds.

Guys rx use a kettlebell.

Scale back to body weight or use bands for assistance for full range of motion. Try to work as strict as possible.

b. Tabata toes-to-bar

8 x Tabata intervals, score max total reps

-Scale back the range of motion or to strict or kipping knee raise


a. Back Squat

10-5-5 5-5-5

b. 15 minute AMRAP:

10 hand release push-ups

10 ring rows

20 squat jumps

50m sandbag carry (25m out/25m back)

-The hand release push-ups may be done from the knees and for the sandbag carry, YES it will be a bit heavy.. Change/scale back to a med ball if needed.

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