Wednesday 23.05.18

a. 20 minute AMRAP:

2 erom handstand push-ups

4 squat cleans (80/60)

60 double unders

-Compare to 18.1.18

(Not a priority. Only if time permits..)

b. 4 minute AMRAP:

Sled push (80/60)

-Score meters, use a 50m track (50 out, 50 back)


a. Handstand push-up practice, 10 minutes


10 minutes to find your DEEPEST/LOWEST single rep of handstand push-up. Use abmats and plates to figure this out.

b. 15 minute AMRAP:

5 handstand push-ups

10 dumbbell squat cleans

30 double unders

Scale the hspu to abmats, a handstand hold at the wall or pike push-ups.

Scale the db squat cleans to whatever weight is suitable for a set of 10

Scale the double unders back to 60 singles

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