Wednesday 16.05.18

Clean & Jerk


-A push jerk or split jerk? Split jerk is preferred but it's your choice.

General roll out/warm up and PVC/Broomstick reps then light weight for the following sets:

5-3-2 then start

-Aim to be pushing your limits by set 4-5


a. Clean & Jerk


-Scale or NEW work on Power Clean/Push Press or Power Clean/Push Jerk

5-3 then start

b. For time (in any order)

Row 500m

Run 400m (2 laps of the driveway)

100 singles or 50 double unders or 20 double unders

30 wall ball (work light weight with good ROM)

-Aim for the wall ball reps to be UNBROKEN!

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