Friday 27.04.18

For time:

1 wall climb

1 squat clean

50 calorie row

3 wall climb

3 squat clean

400m run

5 wall climb

5 squat clean

30 push-ups

7 wall climb

7 squat clean

20 v-ups

9 wall climb

9 squat clean

10 deadlifts

-For the squat cleans guys use 80kg as rx, girls use 50kg. The final set of 10 deadlifts will be same weight as the squat cleans.

-Scale the weight of the squat cleans back to something you consider "heavy but achievable" Scale the wall climbs to half or partial range of motion.

-Start warming up the movements (mainly squat cleans and wall climbs) immediately post brief.

-Change the order of the run and row to save congestion at the rowers.

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