Wednesday 02.08.17

a. Power Snatch


b. 10 minute AMRAP:

3 burpee box jump overs (24/20)

6 bar muscle-ups

-The burpee box jump overs reps increase by 3 each round Eg. Round 2 = 6 burpee box jump overs, 6 bar muscle-ups

Round 3 = 9 burpee box jump overs, 6 bar muscle-ups

Round 4 = 12... 6...


a. Power Snatch


b. 21-15-9 reps for time:

Overhead Squat


-For the overhead squat, use a weight that you can first of all, perform good technique with at full range of motion. If you can do that, then work with a weight that you could only do around 10-12 good reps with. For the push up, we can scale to a shorter range of motion if you are struggling with form, GOOD push-ups are HARD so I'll keep you accountable with your technique. Be aware, you may only be doing about 4-6 at a time...!

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