Friday 01.07.16


In pairs complete as many rounds reps as possible in 15 minutes of:

15 Box jumps 5@20", 5@24", 5@30" each

10 Sandbag over bar together

20 unbroken double unders each

10 med ball turkish get ups 5 each

10 med ball cleans 5 each

followed immediately by

15 minutes to find

1rm press each (from racks)

chin over bar hold, max total time

How it's scored:

Once athlete A has a set of box jumps is complete your score is 1

Once athlete B has their box jumps complete your score is 2

Once you've completed your sandbag over bar reps your score is 3

Once athlete A has completed their doubles your score is 4.... etc

You will have 1 number for the first 15 minute AMRAP eg. 12

Following the next 15 minutes we will take each athletes heaviest press eg. 35+50=80

Add that to the AMRAP score 80+12=92

Then add the chin over bar hold total time (every 5 seconds will count for 1 point) Eg. Total 56 seconds = 11

Total score = 103 (amrap 12, kgs 80, chin over bar 11)

There will be scaling options of course


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