Thursday 16.06.16

For time:

100 double unders

20 hang power snatch (50/35)

5 db press

75 double unders

20 power snatch (40/30)

10 db push press

50 double unders

20 snatch, full squat (30/20)

15 db push jerk

For the 5, 10, 15 sets on the dumbbells use as heavy as possible. Use as heavy as good form and complete sets allow.


Double unders - 3 minutes, 2 minutes then 1 minute. Counting reps or simply practice. Kb swing or air squat are the injury subs.

Hang power snatch, Power snatch and Snatch - Use a suitable load, use the same load for all 3 movements if technique is still questionable. Newbies use hang power snatch for all 3 movements.

Db Press, Push Press and Push Jerk - Load to suit

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