Wednesday 15.06.16

Following 1 warm up round, at a reduced load, reduced intensity

3 rounds, each for time:

100m sandbag carry (run)

16 overhead squats (50/35)

6 muscle ups

100m sandbag carry overhead (run)

Work in pairs, do a round partner will count/score/time. The sandbag carry starts and finishes from the end of the driveway.

Round 1 reps: 16 ohs, 6 mu

Round 2 reps: 18 ohs, 6mu

Round 3 reps: 20 ohs, 10mu

Score each round.


Sandbag carry, 50m (working slow, injury)

Overhead squat, Reduced load, reduced ROM if needed

Muscle up, Jumping muscle up or chest to bar pull up

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