Thursday 02.06.16

3 rounds for time:

800m run

20 Db snatch, alternating (20/15)

rest as needed, then

Accumulate as much time as possible in 8 minutes of:

Bar hang (active and hollow position)

Scale: Run – Row

Db snatch – Load and/or from hang (db snatches are not squat)

Bar hang – No scale, doesn’t matter if the hold times are in 1-3 second bouts DO IT. Injury hold a tight ring row extension position (arms straight, shoulders back)

Warm up: Roll calves for 3-4 minutes / side (timed) Leg swings, 15- 20 reps each side. 2 x 8-10 db snatch alternating, 1st warm up light-mod.

6am - SARA

9.30am - KAYE

5pm - ERIN

6pm - ERIN

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