Wednesday 01.06.16

Cycle through 5 rounds of the following:

Strict pull up, 10 reps

Single arm kb swing, 20 reps each arm (16/12)

Weighted box jump, 12 reps

*For the weighted box jump use a med ball, place it at the chest (rack position) perform a squat, come out of the squat straight into the box jump, step down. Use a suitable/manageable load and height.

Scale: Strict pull up – Band pull up or ring row

Single arm kb swing – Load (go light enough so as to achieve 20 reps then 20 reps without rest, single arm kb swing does not go overhead.

Warm up: Each movement, light 8-10 reps then do the 5 rounds

Once finished: Roll and stretch, non stop for at least 10-15 minutes if time. Relaxed!


4pm - SARA



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