Tuesday 31.05.16

For time:

25 ground to standing rope climbs (Rx = Straight body position)

Scale: 15 reps

50 double unders

Scale: 20 reps or 150 singles + 20 attempts

100 walking lunge steps

Scale: 50 reps, supported (no walk, at a post for support)

200m run (sprint)

Scale: Light run

400m row (sprint)

8 minutes (from finish time) burpees, max reps

Scale: Box burpees (not to ground)

Delete any problem movements in regards to injury.

Injury subs: Kb swings, air squats, sit ups, ring rows

Warm up: 10 (slow) inch worms with t-rotation, cossack pose joint rotations. 6-8 reps of each movement, 2-4 minutes singles/du or triple practice, 50m run, 150m row

6am - SARA

9.30am - KAYE

5pm - ERIN

6pm - ERIN

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