TEST WOD Tuesday 19th April 2016

For time: 2k Sandbag 1 arm Farmers Carry (change sides every 500m) followed immediately by 1rm handstand push up (strict or kip) 8 minute time cap from finish time of the sandbag carry. Score your time for the sandbag carry as well as depth of the handstand push up. Scale: Sandbag F.Carry - Load, use a kb Handstand push up - Depth, use plate/s and abmat/s *Handstand push up sub will be a 1rm press from the racks. Alternatively we will go through the basics and scaling of hspu with anyone who hasn't yet once the sandbag carry has been completed. There will be injury subs to suit if needed.

There is a 2 kilometre loop. It's RIGHT out the gate then LEFT onto Benalla Rd. then LEFT onto Florence St. then LEFT back onto Mitchell St. ENJOY THE SCENIC VIEW!! :)

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