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CrossFit Level 1

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CrossFit Level 1

First Aid / CPR

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CrossFit Kids
First Aid CPR      
Our facility was the first of its kind in the Goulburn Valley region, purpose built to train CrossFit as well as Weightlifting and Powerlifting, changing the shape and direction of training in the area dramatically.
Additions are Todd Group Self Defence training depot as well as CrossFit Teens.
We know CrossFit as a generalised strength and conditioning program that combines training of different sports such as Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, gymnastics & calisthenics.
Training is varied across the board and any given session can involve one, some or all of these elements. Our facility provides the perfect environment for enthusiasts, athletes and everyday people to train across all of these elements while also providing an avenue to the competition side of these sports for those that wish to do so.
Our CrossFit journey began in 2009 in Queensland after making the transition from personal training into CrossFit training – something I discovered to be very different.
We have been involved in numerous CrossFit competitions across regional Victoria and have produced excellent placements and results throughout these events of which we are very proud given the training age of our group.
Opening in March 2013 with a focus on CrossFit, we have since developed and grown Goulburn Valley Weightlifting and Powerlifting, which operates from the same facility and separate to our regular CrossFit classes.
Consistent with our commitment to quality training, we have an affiliation with Powerlifting Australia, the largest governing Powerlifting organisation in Australia. We have multiple athletes currently training and competing regularly whom have now competed in national and international competitions alongside and against some of the best in the business.
Although many of our members train for the competetive aspects of CrossFit and lifting of their chosen sports, the vast majority of our members are involved merely for the fitness, social and lifestyle aspects.
Competitive athlete or otherwise, all of our members enjoy our training as a challenging, encouraging and highly beneficial alternative to a traditional group training session or "gym" atmosphere.
For these reasons and more our community continues to grow and prosper.

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